This exceptional breakthrough in energy saving technology (previously only sold in Japan)
is finally now available in Thailand.




The highest quality of underwater speaker is here in Phuket. Tone is beautiful, apart from normal sound. The combination of the types of underwater speakers varies according to the use. It might be for swimming competition or for school pool. In other cases, it is used for means of communications in scuba diving or exchange of communications in large-scale water tank at aquarium. We hereby introduce some examples of combination that will be used for the synchronized swimming.
What is an underwater speaker?

UTX-30 - Luxury Hospitality Management The underwater speaker is a special speaker that conveys human voice or sound under water in the sea and the pool. This complete waterproof speaker is widely used for synchronized swimming, scuba diving, salvage, rescue, (lifesaving and maritime security) and in the nature such as culture fishery. To begin with, the difference between general speaker and underwater speaker is a method of conveying sound. In the air, we feel the air vibration through the eardrum and perceive it as sound. But in water, the eardrum does not function well. Instead, we perceive the sound through our “bone conduction” in which skull directly feels the vibration. This “bone conduction” is a mechanism of giving vibration to the bone (skull) to convey it directly to auditory nerve. Our underwater speaker has achieved to convey music and human voice by making the most of this bone conduction.

UETAX enjoys a lion's share of underwater speaker market

UETAX Corporation occupies the highest market share in production and sales of underwater acoustic equipment in Japan. UETAX underwater speakers have been playing an active role in the World Swimming Championship held in Fukuoka in 2001 and FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup in 2005. They are also used in Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center and Yokohama International Swimming Pool, which is the typical stage for synchronized swimming. They are also used in producing movies that involve the scene of sea such as “Umizaru” and “Water Boys” as well as the TV dramas. Thus, UETAX underwater speaker is now becoming essential at the site of producing such movies and dramas. Furthermore, the Self-Defense Force and the Police in administrative divisions also adopt the equipment. In the “Okinawa Summit” by Group of Eight held in 2000, the portable underwater speaker was adopted for the guard’s duty in the sea. UETAX underwater speakers are also adopted at daily drive-in fishery and culture fishery throughout Japan. Share of UETAX for underwater acoustic equipment (Source: Nikkei Business of August 28, 2006 Issue)

How to use underwater speaker?

The underwater speaker is available to anyone who has the set as shown on the right. First of all, the”Media player”such as CD or MD, or recently popular MP3 (iPod). With this media player, the music and sound is conveyed. Secondly, the”Special power amplifier”which enables to adjust as “sound source” that is applicable to the sound conveyedthrough the water. As leakage will be an essential issue tobe considered when the electric product is particularly used under wet environment, the UETAX Special amplifier is equipped with leakage detecting circuit as a standard for the consideration of safety. Should the speaker causes leakage, the power would simultaneously be disconnected (patented). Finally, the”Underwater speaker”, to produce the sound. It is completely waterproof, and is available up to 10m in depth. These three items are at least required. We provide a wide variety of types for you to choose according to your needs and environment.

Underwater world of rich sound you never heard before

UA-30 Most popular standard type

  • Size: 200mm in diameter X 65mm
  • Maximum input: 60W
  • Built-in leakage sensing detector
  • Underwater frequency characteristics: 70Hz – 8KHz
  • Underwater acoustic pressure: 130dB/m
  • Maximum water depth: 10m (recommended depth: 1.5m)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Special connector included
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • 25m cable included (extendible)

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UTX-30 Land Sonic / Sound Transducer transforms any surface in a sound speaker. Sound virtually comes from an invisible source. It is used for Golf cars, Buggies’ roof tops, glass partitions, hollow statues…
  • It is secure even if it is soaked in water, it is waterproofing (patented)
  • It is possible to put it on the wall.
  • Special amplifier is unnecessary and can be used for common PA amplifier.
  • The Landscape is not changes.
  • lt is possible to install it in wood, plastic, the glass, and the iron plate, etc
  • A hot spring, a bath, the poolside, a park, an amusement park, a golf course, a pedestrian crossing, desk, Glass wall, wood wall, the home of a station, a store , healthy apparatus massage, a beach, a garden, and a construction site.
  • In order that sound may show up from the installation possibility of and wall to various halls it is possible to give a spectator force, without giving the landscape and noise.
  • Input Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Input power: 10W
  • Max sound pressure: 88dB/m with wall by 100cm X 100cm
  • Frequency Resp: 100HZ ~ 10KHZ
  • Waterproof Rank: IEC (IP67) JIS-7
  • Size: 100x30H
  • Weight: 450g
  • Material: PVC