Technology: New tech comes to Phuket with hotels in mind

The Japanese are known for their inventiveness within the technology sector as the country is home to some of the top brands in the world: Sony, Nintendo, Canon, Panasonic; the list is endless.

Several products are now being made available for the first time outside of Japan with Thailand becoming a major recipient. Chihiro Matsuhashi, CEO of SML Technology in Japan gave The Phuket News a sneak peek at what’s in store for the future.


Imagine using seawater to generate electricity? It is possible with the Seanergy emergency light. Originally designed for boating, beach villas, and emergency outdoor equipment, the Seanergy system includes magnesium and other properties to interact with sea water and generate anywhere between 6.5 and 64 volts, depending on size. Small, portable Seanergy generators can last for 24 hours while the big version gets up to 500 hours. It also works with fresh water!

Liquid Sound

Underwater speakers have been popping up all over Japan for the past decade. These heavy-duty speakers play music that customers can enjoy as they swim from end-to-end. The sound waves travel through the water about five times faster than through the air. The speakers have also been used by the Japanese synchronised swimming team in their preparation for the Olympics in 2016.


Despite the advances in devices that play music, many vehicles still have to be outfitted to include wires and other chords just to play that new Britney Spears track (because, Oops, she did it again). AirSound is similar to the Liquid Sound device, except much smaller, compact and lightweight with the ability to use any material or construction as it’s own resonant speaker. Ideal for golf carts, ATVs and other small vehicles that are used for recreational or tourist activities.


A simple solution has many hoteliers in Japan and some in Thailand with a smile on their face as the Continewm system – a patented nanofilter for air conditioners – can save users up to 20 per cent on their electricity bill. The filter breaks down nano particles into smaller bits so they spread more evenly through the unit and prevent over heating.

All products available through Luxury Hospitality Management (LHM). Visit for more information.

Article Published in The Phuket News on March 16th 2015 : Technology: New tech comes to Phuket with hotels in mind