Dubai is a thriving cosmopolitan centre that attracts visitors from around the world with its dynamic, luxury landscape and historic charms.

Home to over two million people from more than 200 nationalities, and a magnet for close to six million tourists per year, the city has witnessed a remarkable transformation. With its exceptional architectural and commercial achievements, Dubai offers a cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class attractions.

The city is a prime retail and leisure destination, which is fast building an international reputation as a cultural hub thanks to its burgeoning multi-dimensional arts scene. A credit to the ambitious vision and relentless pursuit of excellence instilled by its rulers, Dubai is renowned as a destination where seemingly impossible dreams come true.


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Here you can escape to the great outdoors with abundant parks, playgrounds and uninterrupted views of the sprawling greens and fairways. Amid the green landscapes find plenty of opportunities to spend time relaxing and recharging with friends and family.